To the right are a few examples of previous work that we have performed.

We have done work for contest stations such as N5AU and K5RX. We have done antenna systems and radio installs for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Other notables for whom we have done work are Bell Helicopter, the University of Texas, the cities of Colleyville and Lucas, Texas.

We have done mobile installations that include full legal limit amplifiers, gas generators, and Omega-T Beam Steering Combiners for adjustable directional gain on 20 meters.

We have erected self supporting towers, crank-ups, Rohn 25, Rohn 45, and Rohn 55. We have climbed all sorts of towers from Rohn 25 to Rohn SSV. Some towers with bases large enough to put a house inside the base tower legs. We have worked on high rise roof tops in several cities.

We have assembled and erected just about every type of commercially available amateur HF yagi and quad antenna design as well as some strange home brew hardware. We have installed dozens of commercial VHF and UHF dipole array antennas for repeaters.

We have installed feed line in size from RG-58 to Heliax large enough to put your head inside to look for any cable losses.

We have designed and installed some of the most hard core lightning protection/ grounding systems around.

We have tracked down and worked with power utilities to find and resolve line nose and poor voltage problems.

We have re-written the book on mobile installations from new bonding techniques to mounting innovations for HF to WiFi.

We have designed and constructed shacks for contest stations to typical home shacks to mobile shacks.

We have designed and installed back up power systems that include single UPS systems as small as 200 watts to systems with multiple UPS units in a cascade with 80 KW generators in front of them.

We have designed and constructed RF screen rooms to safe rooms for severe weather situations.

We have designed and constructed sound proofed shacks to help save marriages.

We have designed and installed cavity filter arrays, both notch and band pass, for repeaters and HF isolation.

We have designed and constructed antenna test ranges for WiFi antenna testing.

We have designed and constructed "grab and go" repeater systems for moments notice emergency response.

We always, always, always...
think before we act.

Our Safety Record Speaks for Itself -

In 50 plus years of doing Antenna and Tower work my crews have never had a fatality, never had an injury, never had any damage to equipment, never had a tower fall during or after its installation.

This safety records comes by always, always, always thinking before we take an action.

Examples of our Tower / Antenna Work -

80 ft Rohn 45
2 El 40, 5 El 20, 2mtr SSB. Several 2, 220, 450 Omnis on cross arms.

KW Mobile
1500 watts mobile with 3 Bug Catchers. Beam Steering gives directional gain on 20 meters.

145 ft Rohn 55
145 feet of Rohn 55 goes up at K5RX. The tower is one of a pair of towers that will be at 185 feet and will be used with wire antennas on 160 meters. K5MR on tower.

50 ft Rohn 55
50 feet of Rohn 55 goes up at the new Colleyville, TX Central Fire Station. The tower will be used for Wireless backbone connection for data links.

30 ft Wooden Structure
30 feet of wooden 4 by 4s go up in Caddo Mills, Texas.

The structure is for a 6 band wire dipole antenna.

WiFi Access &
UHF Repeaters

360 degree WiFi access point and VHF and UHF Repeaters in tower equipment room

WiFi Sector Antennas
K5RA Mounts three 120 degree sector WiFi antennas at 120 foot level in Greenville, Texas

50 ft Rohn 25
50 feet of Rohn 25 goes up for a WiFi Internet Antenna in Terrell, Texas.

50 ft Universal
50 feet of Universal Aluminum Tower goes up in McKinney, Texas. At the top of the mast is a M2 2 meter SSB beam and a 3 Element SteppIR beam at the top of the tower.

70 ft Universal
70 feet Universal tower goes up at Love County Hospital in Oklahoma. A dB-224 on top and another dB-224 at 50 feet.

If its RF, we have probably designed it, planned for it, read it, wrote it, talked on it, listen to it, touched it, tuned it, tested it, fixed it, installed it, removed it, or cried over it at some time during a 50 year love affair with radio.

We have been inspired by many and we attribute our work ethic and love of radio to those that have shared their love of radio and their knowledge and have been mentors to us.

If you think there is no difference in the tower company that you use... then think again !

Below are some photos showing the results of work done by an area tower service. You are looking at 7/8 inch Heliax that was over bent which caused the cable to fail. Of the seven runs of 7/8 inch Helaix that were on the tower the local area tower service damaged four of them when removing them from the tower. What's more insidious is they covered up the damage so that it could not be immediately seen.

The connector in photo #3 was on the end of 7/8 inch pressurized air line. The local area tower service simply cut off the connector to save themselves 5 minutes of time which released the pressurized nitrogen and destroyed the usability of the cable. All in all the local area tower service damaged 800 feet of Helaix cable.

When you want someone to work on your station hire a company that thinks before they act and one that is concerned about the quality of work they perform.

Give us a call at (972) 742-2053 - We are here for you.

Photo #1

Over bent 7/8 inch cable

Photo #2
Over bent 7/8 inch cable

Photo #3
Cut off 7/8 inch pressurized air line connector