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Equipment, Procedures, and Propagation
Radio Emergency Service members are assisting firefighters on the Zaca Fire, in Los Padres National Forest. More than 6500 acres of the forest are affected.


The forest stretches across almost 220 miles from the Big Sur Coast in Monterey County to the western edge of Los Angeles County.

Emergency Service members from Santa Maria, in Santa Barbara County, are staffing roadblocks at the intersection of Figueroa Mountain Road and SR 154 and at the intersection of Happy Cyn and Baseline Roads.

The roadblocks were established at the request of Santa Barbara County Fire Department

Procedures for Effective Radio Communications -
  • Operating During Disasters
  • Health and Welfare Traffic
  • Standard Net Procedures
  • Net Control Stations
  • Reporting Stations
  • Traffic Lists
  • Net Sessions
  • Local Nets / Section Nets / Region Nets / Area Nets
  • Send and Receive Stations
  • Section and Local Traffic Nodes
  • HF Digital Stations

  • Radio Frequency Propagation -
    Radio waves, like light waves and all other forms of electromagnetic radiation, normally travel in straight lines.

    Obviously this does not happen all the time, because long - distance communication depends on radio waves traveling beyond the horizon.

    How radio waves propagate in other than straight-line paths is a complicated subject, but one that need not be a mystery.

    We provide basic understanding of the principles of electromagnetic radiation, the structure of the Earth's atmosphere and solar-terrestrial interactions necessary for a working knowledge of radio propagation.

    More detailed discussions and the underlying mathematics of radio propagation physics can be made available in a classroom format.

    The Sun, being the largest engine in our solar system, has a great effect on propagation as its "exhaust" interacts with our Earth's magnetic field.

    A rudimentary knowledge of sunspots, solar flares and mass ejections will help your take advantage of these effects to understand this plight. A good basic understanding of this can be had from our presentations.

    Equipment Training -
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